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 We build websites for business of all shapes and sizes. In other words, we are willing to work with anyone looking to hire some Web Design Halifax services. Our experienced staff has experience working with e-commerce, logo development and ensuring a mobile friendly experience. We know how to get build you the website you need to get more people contact you.



Several clients of our often ask the question..what are you prices? Well…that depends on the job requirements. As is the case with all our projects, the prices will be clearly outlined from the start. We do not charge hidden fees or tack on additional charges once the job is under way.  By comparison to other companies, Sages Marketing has consistently ranked lower in cost for Web Design in Halifax over the last few years. In addition to this, the quality of work has been stellar and many of our clients often hire us for SEO campaigns once finished. In other words, factors such as affordable pricing along with experienced web design professionals make us the most affodable web design company in Halifax!


Website Design
Let’s Face it. In today’s world, a website is basically a necessity more than a luxury. The absence of a website impairs business growth and affects credibility. As one of the best website design companies in digital marketing we specialize in building website that are visually appealing and functional to grow your rankings. Our Web Design experts have experience working with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Therefore, you can be sure to get the website you want at the price you can afford! 
E-Commerce Website Design

You need an E-Commerce Website. We can build you an E-Commerce Website. We are experts with several E-Commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Magneto and Shopify. Regardless of the products you sell, we will be able to help you out and build your website of your dreams. Our E-Commerce Websites are always mobile friendly and fully updated ensuring optimal customer service for your company. 

Full Service Digital Marketing
Once you build your website, then what? A website design with no visitors is just money that has been wasted! Several of our clients often choose us to help them market their website once the job has been completed. We have a proven track record of attracting RELEVANT traffic to your website. Our advantage is that we do it all and you do not have to choose between different digital marketing companies.


Web Design Halifax has several different parts to it.  We decided to disect it further to explain it as best as we can. All of them will not apply to you. However, We broke it down into 4 convenient parts : E-Commerce Web Design, Landing Pages, Logo and Branding and Mobile Friendly Web Design.  Regardless of what size and industry you are coming from, the importance of these four factors cannot be downplayed. 

E-Commerce Web Design Halifax

You need to sell products online. We can help!


You want a super flashy website that is visually appealing but also functions as a store front. No problem. We are the experts at E-Commerce Web Design in Halifax. On top of the layout, we also have a content writing team that can plan out and execute all the content needed for your clients to purchase your product.

Branding and Logo Creation

Websites need more than code on them. Branding and Logo Design are essential to increase appeal.

Promoting your business is our business. Branding and Logo design and often one of the more overlooked aspects of web design. At Sages, we believe in a full service web design services and including branding and logo creation as part of out package. We have experience making logos and adjusting shapes and colors as you like.

Landing Page Creations 

Customer want information. Landing Pages provide it. We build Landing pages to increase your ROI

The first part is to attrach customers to your website. The second part is get them to contact you. Landing pages are meant to help customers make a faster decision due to the layout of information. Increasing contact options, providing key information early to hook attention and layout structure are all factors that go into Landing page creations. 

Mobile Friendly Web Design Halifax

Mobile Phone searches are now more popular than ever. Don't lose traffic due to a mobile "unfriendly" website

Mobile Searches account for roughly 15-30% of all Adwords traffic for several of our clients campaigns. In the event your website is not mobile friendly, customers are more likely to leave. The last thing you want is customers leaving your website without any plan of actions. Let Sages Marketing help you get that mobile friendly website you need. 


All companies in every industry come in different sizes and shapes. Some are extremely well fed while others are weak and anemic. Regardless of your Digital Marketing budget size, we are willing to work with you. Feel free to read through our step by step process. 


One of our favorite cities! Halifax is an east coast city and Atlantic Ocean port in the eastern Canada. It happens to be the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. It is a key port and business center known for its maritime history. As of 2017, the population of Halifax was 431,479. Part of the reason why it is one of our favorite cites in the world is the balance of big city flare and the charm of a small town. In addition, this Canadian city is known for its cultural attractions including Halifax Pop Explosion, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Symphony Nova Scotia, Maritime Museum of Atlantic, Neptune Theatre and The Khyber. Doesn't hurt that the city has some of the best seafood in the country as well. The seafood of this city is mainly famous for its oysters, lobster, and scallops those brought fresh from nearby Digby, Nova Scotia. Halifax is also home to several attractive parks. Each year, thousands of tourists (like us and our staff) visit including Public Gardens, Kearney Lake and Point Pleasant Park. Home to several large universities, there is no lack of youth and opportunity for businesses to thrive. Needless to say, it would be our pleasure to work with all businesses of all sizes in Halifax