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Let’s be honest. Every business today has a social media presence of some sort. While it is not the best form of advertising for all businesses, the power of social media is undeniable. As more and more people spend time on these apps, it is crucial to use that platform to market your product. At Sages marketing, we take pride in knowing how to maneuver through the fog of Social Media Marketing. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the godfather of all Social Media. It was the beginning of all apps we see and enjoy today. They currently enjoy a large market share of people on social media. Advertising on facebook is one of the most efficient methods of Social Media Marketing.

Instagram Marketing

The New Child. Yes. Instagram is the new and hip thing among the younger generations. It is an easy way to get your brand out at an efficient cost. It all depends on what you are marketing and the audience you are targeting. Instagram marketing is not for everyone.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter! Who doesn't like twitter? Well..I am sure there are people. However, twitter is one of the more popular social media apps today and marketing on their platform is a no brainier. While they are slightly more expensive than other platforms, it will still be worth it.

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Linkedin Marketing

Yes. The "Sophisticated" platform where people connect with each other to grow their brand and career. Depending on what you are using it for, linkedin is perhaps one of the most powerful platforms in all of social media. The power of the people is one that is often overlooked.

Video Production

Most people picture a lame ad with some text on it when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Why? We also produce videos for your company to broadcast and grow your brand. Video's appeal to a whole different dynamic of people who learn better by watching than reading.

Conversion Ratios

If there is anything that is common among all forms of marketing, its your conversion ratios. You want to be as efficient with your marketing budget as you can be. While this isn't directly a service we offer, we will be more than happy to set things up to increase them for you.

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Social Media can be complicated. We know it. We have been there ourselves. However, we can simplify it for you today. Over the years, we have done a countless number of campaigns successfully.  Contact us today and see the difference we can make for your business!


All companies in every industry come in different sizes and shapes. Some are extremely well fed while others are weak and anemic. Regardless of your Digital Marketing budget size, we are willing to work with you. Feel free to read through our step by step process.

Step # 1

Social Media Marketing Analysis

Social Media Marketing is all about volume and density. As a business, you want as many RELEVANT people looking for your product as possible. Obviously, different products need different forms of Social media marketing. However, the beginning of all campaigns is similar. In other words, everyone has to start somewhere. We are serious about bringing you the traffic you are looking for. It is all about the exposure, downloads, ticket sales and branding when it comes to social media marketing. Therefore, It all begins with our Free Digital  Marketing Analysis!   We must know your competition. What the analysis will outline:

  • Status of your social media webpages.. Health, Efficiency and Business Appeal
  • Evaluating your competition. How are they “Social Media Marketing”? 
  • Any unexplored Digital Marketing options? Videos?  PPC? SEO?
  • An Digital Marketing plan built help you increase traffic and revenue for the business. 

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Step # 2

Execution and Evaluating Period

Now that we have a plan, it is time to move into phase 2. Execution and Evaluation. Social Media is all about presence and establishing a brand. Regardless of the formats used to promote the business: facebook, instagram, twitter or linkedin, there are other ways to promote your website and brand. Once our experts develop a brand, we will go ahead and implement it. Monitoring the work we do is just as crucial to the success of your campaign as building it. 

  • Establish your social media presence. Link with similar brands?  
  • Increasing the number of RELEVANT traffic on the “Money Page”
  • Is there anything we can do to increase your ROI? Any unexplored avenues? 
  • Monthly evaluations are the norm now. 

Step # 3

Reevaluations and Revisions

Once we go ahead and revisit our plan from Stage 2, it is time to optimize your campaign for optimal results. Customers are coming through the door. We are seeing success. However, how do we make this better? Of Course, it costs money to market but can we do it in a better way? Stage 3 is all about optimizing your campaign even further and trimming the Social Media Marketing “fat” from your campaign. . 

  • Lot’s of Clients. We are happy with the progress. 
  • We are keeping a close eye on the competition  
  • End of experiments. Time to establish and specialize in our campaigns. 
  • Trim the Social Media Marketing “fat” as best as we can. 

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Step # 4

Ongoing Maintenance and Upkeep

We made it to the top (Figuratively of course). You have established a brand and are looking to increase your online footprint. Once we accomplish this, it is time to go ahead and explore other avenues to expand your business. HOWEVER, It is crucial we keep an eye out on the competition at all times. Consistent updates, upgrades and maintenance are required to maintain your position at the top or near top. 

  • Consistently check on the rankings and the industry. 
  • Monitoring any spam directed towards your website.  
  • Reputation Management. Make sure no spam reviews contaminate your name. 
  • Monthly strategy reports are now a habit. We are here and we plan on staying here. 

Experienced Staff

Regardless of your size and industry, chances are we have worked with someone very similar to your business. 

Affordable Marketing Solutions

Not everyone is Amazon (including us). We understand that. 

Protection and Maintenance

Your website is one of the most valuable assets you posses. We will help you protect it.  

Create a lead generation machine

We are here to optimize your digital marketing. You hire us. We get you the results you need. 


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