Red Bins SEO Marketing Proposal


  1. Increase Organic Traffic
  2. Increase Inbound Leads (Local SEO)
  3. Junk Removal or Bin Rentals?
  4. Service Areas
  5. Meta Tags Optimization
  6. Domain Authority and Page Authority of the Website
  7. Timeline

Increase Organic Traffic:

Majority of Keywords are Ranking for Red Bins – Brand Loyalty. Not what new customers are looking for

Majority of Keywords are Ranking for Red Bins – Brand Loyalty. Not what new customers are looking for.

In Comparison, Let’s Look at Dump-Squad

Not a single keywords in the top 20 is Brand Loyalty. All New Customers.

Increase Inbound Leads (Local SEO)

Google Maps are a crucial part of SEO. There are a lot of citations missing and there is a chance to grow here. 31% is quite impressive. I will try and get it to 40-50%. Not all citations are easily accepted. Something to keep an eye on though.

Fairly well optimized. A few more citations would not hurt though. Allows you to get local (Toronto) based clients faster and quicker. Reviews on the company are amazing. Lot’s of them too.

Junk Removal?

Are you interested in ranking for Junk Removal? Lot more competition. Lot more oppurtunity as well…

Service Areas and Meta Tag Optimization:

Bin Rentals and Junk Removals are on the same page? The URL says Junk Removal which is confusing the Search Engine.

What we need to do:

  1. Create Separate Pages for Bin Rentals
  2. Create Separate Pages for Junk Removal
  3. All Pages Need more content.

The content seems to have just been thrown on the website without any care or planning (NO Offence). On Average, Google top 3 positions average around 900-1000 words. Most of it has to do with what we are selling. Not about the city.


Brampton Junk removal/Bin Rental Page: 566 words . Mostly about Brampton. Very little about Bin Rentals of Junk Removal.

Brampton Bin Rental Page (Dump-Squad): 1,046 words. Mostly about Bin Rentals only. No mention of Junk Removal.

Website is quite solid. Just needs a lot of editing and additional content added on. Without this, all my SEO Efforts will go down the drain and I will look bad.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

Website is lacking overall authority. This is an easy fix. We will boost it up no problem.

What we need to do:

  1. Build Solid Backlinks
  2. Web 2.0 Backlinks
  3. Directory Backlinks
  4. Comment Backlinks
  5. Guest Posts (Optional)

Realistic Timeline:

Step 1: Website Addons : 1 Month

  • Creating Separate Pages
  • Adding more relevant content
  • Optimizing the Robots.txt
  • Optimize the Meta Tags
  • Submit the New Site Map.

Since this is an older domain, registering it will be very quick. However, the time to edit this website and get all the new pages and added content will take at least 1 month. 2 Weeks to build it all up and direct traffic where it is supposed to go.

Example: Type in “Brampton Junk Removal” – Send it to the existing page with added content

2 Weeks for Google to Index the new pages.

Step 2: Speed Test/Slow Build of Backlinks to all the pages to increase overall authority: 2 -3 Months

Once all the pages are indexed, we have to start building relevant backlinks with the correct anchor text. Guiding it properly will give it a chance to settle in on the content of the page. As these links start to get indexed, we can ramp it all up

Step 3: Ramp Up/Aggressive Build up

Self Explanatory. We go hard (Feb-Mar). The Ramp up will deliver results around April – May. Just in time for the bin rental season for you guys.

Step 4: Consistent Maintenance/Building Links/Eliminating Links as well.

Protect the website from Black hat SEO Practices where competition sends bad backlinks to throw your website off. Consistent maintenance will be needed. It was the case with Dump-Squad (not as bad). However, the need still exists.

In Summary:

Website Addon’s and Rebuild – 1 Month

Slow Build of Links for DA and PA – 2-3 Months

Ramp Up – 2 Months

Results: 6-7 Months.

You will be ranking for a lot more keywords like Garbage Bin rental, Disposal Bin Rental and Junk removal Pages. Not just brand loyalty customers.


$1,500 Website Design and Additional Pages. Content on all the Existing Pages will be revamped as well. Without this, all SEO Efforts will not be effective.

$1,500 Monthly for 12 Months. $2000 After that.

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