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Google Adwords is one of the most efficient methods of marketing your business. Regardless of the industry you are in and what position you are at, paid advertising will have a positive impact on your business. As one of the better PPC Management agency in Toronto, we will get your the results you are looking for. Our experienced team of google certified professionals will have your phone ringing and your email buzzing.  We have worked with several industries and delivered quality campaigns allowing us to become one of the premier PPC Management Agency in Toronto. 


We have to start somewhere. Whether you have worked with a PPC Management Agency in Toronto or not, we must know where you stand. The initial consultation is meant to outline specific goals and objectives you may have in mind


Now that we have your objectives in mind, we must do some research. Even though we are one of the better PPC Management agencies in Toronto, we are not, we must do the work for your business to flourish. It all starts with your competition. Who are you up against?​


We know what we are up against. Cool. Now what? Strategy is what! It is time to draw up a plan that is suitable to your budget and needs in order to get the phone ringing at the right price. Your sales process? That's not on us. We are solely responsible for your phone ringing!

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We got the phone ringing and all is well right? No. It is not well. We are now at the stage where we keep a close eye on the details of your campaign. How much are you spending? Is it worth the money being spent? Is it working? How do we make this even better than it already is?


Analytics. Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers don't. Analytics. Once we have a concrete data set, we are going to be able to carve out a way to make your campaign more efficient. I can bore you with all the jargon but do you really want it? In short, we lower your cost, increase your phone calls and try to maintain it as optimally as possible!


Reporting. Yes. Reporting. The phone is ringing. You are happy. Cool. However, we are always on the lookout for you. What if there is new competition? What now? How do we combat it? Does that mean you have to spend more? Nah. We know how. That is why we are one of the best PPC Management agencies in Toronto.

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Google Adwords Management. Yes. We are a premier Google PPC Management agency in Toronto for a reason. We can bore you with the jargon and technical knowledge we have here. Do you really want to hear about it? I didn’t think so. We are here to work. Hire us and we will bring you customers at an affordable price. Simple. Easy. Efficient. Sages Marketing


All companies in every industry come in different sizes and shapes. Some are extremely well fed while others are weak and anemic. Regardless of your Digital Marketing budget size, we are willing to work with you. Feel free to read through our step by step process.

Step # 1

PPC Management Analysis

Everyone has to start somewhere. It is no different when it comes to Google Adwords. There are several scenario’s on where a business might stand. It is our job to find out how far along you are and where you need to go. The first step is to gauge where we are right now. It all begins with the website. Do you have a website? Do you need a new website? Does the existing one need to be upgraded? We need to formulate a plan for your business to start attracting RELEVANT Traffic.

  • Do you have a website? How old is it? 
  • How is your business appeal in your industry? Are you highlighting what makes you special? 
  • Are there an unexplored avenue to market your business? 
  • What are your goals and expectations to for your business? Are they realistic? 

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Step # 2

Plan in Motion

We have officially got the ball rolling downhill. Time to try and control the pace before it gets out of hand. Once we get started, we will be responsible for doing majority of your Google Adwords Marketing. Factors such as speed, security and landing pages are all essential elements to your success. While most companies do the “big things”, they often forget the little details which make all the difference in the world. Depending on your industry and what you are trying to do, results will naturally vary. Companies with aggressive marketing budgets will see faster results while others will see a gradual increase. It all comes down to the data on hand.

  • Cover up the essentials (Security, Speed and Landing Pages). 
  • Optimize the landing pages with contact forms and various call to actions. 
  • Explore any potential keywords the competition may have missed out on. 
  • Keep track of our progress through monthly evaluations. 

Step # 3

Evaluation and Revision

Yes. Phase 3. Evaluation and Revision. Chances are we now have data on our hands and we can make key adjustments to maximize your dollar. In the beginning, we have almost no chance on guessing what the right keywords are. As we gather data from your campaign, we start to notice trends and conversions being higher towards certain keywords. Accordingly, we will adjust the budget to reflect this data. It always comes down to the ROI (Return on Investment) 

  • We have built a sales funnel and people are calling your line. 
  • Time to get more creative and explore how we can be more aggressive in the way we market 
  • Allocate more money towards keywords that are doing better.
  • Take out the negative keywords that are costing us money and not giving us anything of value. 

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Step # 4

Maintenance and Upkeep

The campaign is doing well. We are doing well. You are happy and so are we. That’s awesome. We always get here in time. However, that is not the end. Google adwords management will continue to take place and monitor for any changes that may occur without your knowledge. Increased competition, increased costs, google updates are all factors that tend to change from time to time. 

  • Always monitor the competition and seeing what they are doing.  
  • Checking your website for any spam   
  • Keeping up a pristine reputation and filtering our spam towards your campaign.
  • Monthly strategy reports are now a habit. We are here and we plan on staying here. 

Experienced Staff

Regardless of your size and industry, chances are we have worked with someone very similar to your business. 

Affordable Marketing Solutions

Not everyone is Amazon (including us). We understand that. 

Protection and Maintenance

Your website is one of the most valuable assets you posses. We will help you protect it.  

Create a lead generation machine

We are here to optimize your digital marketing. You hire us. We get you the results you need. 


We have been in the industry for several years and it shows. Digital marketing is what we do and are good at. Here are a couple of companies we work with currently and what we have achieved with them. We cannot outline all our clients due to our competition. Regardless of your Digital Marketing budget size, we are willing to work with you. Feel free to read through our case studies.  

Digital Marketing Case Study

Security Guard Training Toronto

Digital Marketing Case Study:

Garbage Bin Rentals in Toronto


Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. As one of the many premier Digital Marketing Agency Toronto, we are proud to be servicing this city. Our head office is based out of this city. There are thousands of businesses of all sizes and shapes across the city. Regardless of the size of your business, we are willing to work with you.  Above all, we are a digital marketing agency, have all the resources to help increase your business quickly and at an affordable price point. As is the case with every business owner, the bottom line is the end goal and we can help you get there. We have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Industrial, Commercial, Residential and E-Commerce businesses are all something we have experience with. However, our digital marketing agency is not just confined to the borders of this great city. We do work across Canada and have become one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country. If you are not in Toronto but would still like to hire us, worry not. Chances are we are going to be able to work with you.